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Help Make Your Client’s Retirement A Reality

Making Retirement A Reality for Your Clients

Did you know that according to Forbes magazine, 40% of business owners were born before the year 1964? Statistically, this means you have quite a few business owners nearing retirement age. If those clients aren’t thinking about retirement right now, they should be.

As the years pass, a day that once seemed so far away is now approaching for many of your clients. That day is retirement, and you’re here to help by making that special day as efficient, stress-free, and extraordinary as possible. However, well-advised planning for this transition is imperative. It ensures a smooth and financially secure exit from their business world. For business owners and you, as their trusted advisor, it is time to start thinking about retirement. 

Your Clients Need Your Help

Retirement planning is a multifaceted endeavor that requires the consideration of many factors. You, as their trusted accountant, are the glue that holds this milestone project together. However, some of your clients may need your guidance without realizing it. A large portion of your clients will be looking to sell their business in the next couple of years. Many of them have no idea of the actual value of their business. This is imperative information for them to know. Their business is usually the biggest asset that they own, and likely makes up a huge portion of the money that they need to live on for the rest of their lives. This is the money they will be passing down for generations—the money they’ll use for trips of a lifetime with their grandkids for summer vacation.

Nobody knows their client like you do. You deal with your client day in and day out. However, there is some information that you may not deal with daily where a seasoned professional business broker can be of service. Knowing the most probable selling price of your client’s business is crucial. Reaching out to a qualified business broker can be beneficial to you and your client. We are here to give you an accurate idea of what their business value is. That way, when they’re ready to sell, you’re ready to give them the most efficient information regarding their business sale.

How I Can Help You

80-90% of businesses that go on sale, do not sell. This, of course, is not my average, but it is an eye-opening statistic that makes the reality of selling a business real. I can do a Broker’s Opinion of Value, or BOV, to come up with your client’s Most Probable Selling Price, or MPSP. This would be at no cost to your client and no obligations to use my services. All of this will be done confidentially, of course. If your client is thinking of selling anywhere between now and a few years from now, I hope you’ll keep me in mind. Give me a call for an assessment as well. I can detect any possible negatives that can be fixed before your client sells. This is one of the most crucial things that your client will need from you. Do this to maximize the sale of their business and set them up for retirement.

Over the next few months, I will be sending you some articles that you may want to share with your client to make their business more sellable when they do go to sell. These articles will contain crucial suggestions that give them the best chances to sell their business efficiently and maximize their selling price.

In Conclusion

Beyond the logistical aspects of retirement planning, you as a trusted advisor serve as a sounding board for business owners. Especially as they navigate into this significant life transition. You offer insight, strategic advice, and support while helping business owners navigate these decisions and emotions that come with the life endeavor of retirement. Reaching out to an experienced, seasoned broker that you can trust will ease the load off of you and your client for those imperative factors such as BOV and MPSP.

With that being said, retirement is not just a distant dream for many of your clients. That day is fast approaching. You have the opportunity to help business owners be prepared and in control of their financial future and to ensure a smooth transition into their retirement. You are the trusted advisor who is making their dream of summer vacation with the grandkids come true. Ultimately, in the process of doing so, I hope you’ll think of me as the seasoned, experienced business broker to help you get your client to that dream efficiently with the correct value of their business.

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About the author: Jim Parker


Jim Parker is an experienced business broker specializing in small businesses. His company is based in Clermont, Florida. As an industry leader, he has served as the past president of the Business Brokers of Florida and currently sits on the International Business Brokers Association’s Board of Governors. Jim is a sought-after speaker who teaches others in his industry best practices in ethics, closing transactions, and finding qualified buyers. He has earned over 50 awards and recognitions in his career.

Jim is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), Certified Mergers and Acquisition Professional (CMAP), Masters Certified Business Intermediary (MCBI), and is a Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediary (M&AMI. He is one of less than 20 business intermediaries in the world that have all four of these designations. To contact Jim, give him a call at (407) 927-8999.