A letter from Jim Parker

Thanks for stopping by. When I started in this business, I approached every interaction with the seriousness it deserved but blended in my personality and light-heartedness, so we didn’t take ourselves too seriously.

I understand selling a business is a big personal decision that affects the owner’s life and everyone around them, including employees. A successful exit could mean the difference between sending kids to college, buying a home, RVing across the country, or even saving a marriage. That reality is never lost on me. My role as a business broker is one I do take seriously because that’s what you deserve. There is no second chance. We must get this right the first time.

My wife, Margarita, and I are very grateful that you would consider entrusting us in helping you turn this page in your life. The honor of helping truly humbles us.

Sometimes the lines are blurred between clients/customers and friends. And that’s just how I like it. I look forward to getting to know you.

To your success,

Jim and his wife Margarita are amateur landscape enthusiasts, they loved building and now maintaining the backyard jungle they have created.